Access to Info

This site allows customers to create their Section 51 Promotion of Access to Information (PAIA) Manual within minutes.

The entire process is automated and complies 100% with the requirements of the Human Rights Commission

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Supply Chain Online

Supply Chain Info is a complex site offering upto date news in the Supply Chain Industry.

The administrator of the site is able to add news, book reviews, calendar events and case studies quickly and easily using a password protected back-end.

The site includes a Banner Management System, again the adminitrator is able to add, remove and edit banners of the website.

Users of the website can add thier company's information to the searchable database of companies.

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Formula 1600

The Formula Ford Association wanted a website where current news, driver points, upcoming events and races could all be displayed and updated easily after races.

The site includes information such as:

  • Race Calendar
  • Driver Points
  • Race Results
  • Race Entry forms
  • Photo Gallery
  • Links

All of which can be updated online by the administrator of the website.

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Compliance Monitoring Systems

Compliance Monitoring Systems is an extremely complex online monitoring tool for helping with FAIS compliance.

Users of the systems are able to monitor thier compliance with the FAIS regulations via a monthly online questionairre system. Monthly reports are automatically generated for each user as well as thier Compliance Officer.

This systems uses many of the benefits of new Dot.Net technology

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Logistics News

The Logistics News website is an online version of the printed magazine.

Users of the site are able to view the latest articles as well as subscribe to the printed magazine. All invoices as well as shipping lables for the magazine are automatically generated by the system.

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Lotus Forum

The Lotus Register Forum is a powerful forum built in DOT.NET technology.

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